Chapter Organizations

The City College of New York

President: Anu Shetty

Vice President: Lisa Ferreira

Treasurer: Mekhrangiz Khashimova

Secretary: David Marulanda


Binghamton University

President: Adelle Ricci

Vice President: Kayla Cooper

Treasurer: Karen Awayda

Secretary: Autumn Baker


Value: develop the art of healing while being exposed to the science of medicine and the systems that keep it all going


Mission: to expose members to experiences that will develop a deeper appreciation of the healing arts and medical sciences, and the responsibility that comes with being able to save lives.


Benefits of experience

  • Mentoring agreement

    • nurture your interest in health and medicine from a comprehensive and holistic approach, starting with Self Care and community health advocacy;

    • Shadowing opportunity in one of the busiest emergency departments in the US

    • Career coaching: guide your path into health science professions; Personal statement feedback

  • Discussions about the art and science of healing and medicine

  • Life support training

    • Basic life support

    • Advanced cardiac life support

    • Basic disaster management

    • Stress management strategies

  • Community organizing for health justice, promoting universal health care access through participatory health education around:

    • health maintenance (wellness and prevention)

    • crisis management (resiliency, preparedness and response)

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