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Part of MRP’s ongoing community health advocacy campaign, Pop-Up Health Clinics were implemented during the Summer of 2013, and offer greater community access to opt in to youniversal ensurance. The scale of each presentation is tailored to fit the amount of funding secured, extent of community engagement, and location allowances.


Pop-Up Clinics are presented at community events in a fun and exciting way, offering interactive, hands-on health care education.  Presentations include a combination of skills stations, information booths, and health discussions, designed to strengthen knowledge of basic health care principles for achieving and maintaining optimal health; develop skills critical for medical emergencies; and natural disaster preparation and survival.  Medical emergency skills activities teach basic life sustaining skills to be implemented at impact or incident and are designed to empower individuals and communities to address time-sensitive health crises (e.g. choking, sudden cardiac arrest, bleeding, environmental disasters, and gun violence). Instructions address time considerations between when an incident occurs and the average time it takes EMT's to arrive.  Participants literally come to understand that they can be the difference between life and death. Disaster preparedness encourages individuals to invest in emergency preparedness plans.


Pop-Up Clinics are a crucial investment for any community, especially those with high incidences of heart disease and gun violence, are medically underserved, and have low-levels of emergency preparedness. The Pop-Ups are open to everyone and are coordinated by collaborations between community organizations and concerned citizens (e.g. Hip Hop Loves Foundation, Red Cross, local hospitals, health care providers, emergency medical services, churches, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA, professional sports teams, musicians, etc.) All parties have a vested interest in community growth and development. Benefits after full participation at the Pop-Ups includes:


  • Empowerment:  Individuals feel that their voice and actions matter and can positively impact crises affecting themselves, their family and community

  • The concept and practice of healthier lifestyle choices are embraced 

  • Paths to changing disaster outcomes are

  • Individuals become more engaged to support local emergency medical services

Pop Up Clinic
Hoops for Health
Brownsville Recreation Center Brooklyn, NY


Pop Up Clinic
Conrad McRae Family Day
Dean Street Park
533 Bergen St
Brooklyn, NY
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