The Public Option 

 For Universal Health Care 

 Is The Option of Educating 

 The Public About Their Options 


The Medical Roots Project is a not for profit global movement with a mission to re-define and demystify health care, thereby empowering citizens of the world to take their health and healing in their own hands.


Through advocacy, professional/community education, cutting edge programs, and world wide awareness events, we are urging citizens to take charge of their personal healing and take a stand for public safety by being educated, engaged, and equipped with the knowledge that you are universal health care!



Traditional health insurance covers financial costs of medical services.  MRP encourages universal access to comprehensive health ensurance.  Ensurance coverage represents the sum total of the actions we undertake to maintain our health, prevent injury, and manage our disasters.  MRP has undertaken the Public Option Campaign to expand universal health care, by promoting self-care, as primary care and the cornerstone of comprehensive health ensurance. 


Through hands-on activities and participatory discussions, MRP offers health care education and encourages the practice of basic health principles: nurture - maintenance, nature - prevention, response – repair.  MRP helps communities to plant the seeds of YOUniversal health care.  This practices requires each person to cultivate their minds as they would soil, to receive and nourish seeds and MRP supports their youniversal health care practice to help their roots of medicine to grow, create fruit and spread new seeds. In this way, we can have universal access to basic health care. 


Under the umbrella of youniversal health, MRP is developing the Community Emergency Mobilization and Agency (CEMA.)  Where FEMA is limited by their reaction times, CEMA flourishes at the grassroots level, and gives great attention to fortify ensurance coverage by promoting the critical role of individuals as first responders and community emergency managers.  CEMA provides opportunities to enhance a community’s capacity to become resilient against future crisis with realistic expectations of support from external agencies.  

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